FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What MUHAMMAD Actually Said about Islam and Terrorism

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This post is intended for the education of those who seek the Truth — no matter what that Truth may be.  It is wholly unsuited for those who seek to believe in lies.

There are many voices in our government and media telling us that Islam is peaceful and has nothing to do with violence or terrorism.  Well, rather than take their word for it, or the word of anyone else — including me — why not look to see what Muhammad actually said about Islam’s connection to terrorism?  Here are justa  few of the things Muhammad had to say on the matter:

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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Facts about Women in the Shooting Sports….

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Did you know that women are acquiring concealed carry permits in record numbers or that women spend more money on guns and gear than men do on gadgets? You can learn about those facts and more things relating to women in the shooting sports in… More »

Source: INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Facts about Women in the Shooting Sports – OutdoorHub

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Retail Sales Are Crashing – Housing Sales Are Next

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From Investment Research Dynamics

Flippers are getting stuck with houses they can’t flip for a profit. Hedge funds have stopped buying and have begun selling. Anyone dumb enough to have been lured into this market in the last few years will be underwater in no time. The foreclosure train will be leaving the station shortly. We’ve been here before. It was ten years ago. Some people never learn.  – The Burning Platform

Last week in the stock market featured several “cliff-dive” drops in retail stocks:  Macy’s, Nordstroms, Advance Auto Parts.  The middle class (yes, “middle class” includes the wannabees living beyond their means in million-dollar “mcmansions”) is tapped out of disposable income and has run up against is ability to take on more debt.   The Nordstrom’s report is what has really freaked out economic analysts:  LINK.

The housing market will show the affects of a rapidly…

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34 Celebrities Who Served Our Country

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This is from Mental Floss. 

I knew of many of these celebrities that served.


It’s Veterans Day in the U.S. (Remembrance Day in Canada), so it’s fitting that we look at a few famous folks who served our country.


Rose was in the Ohio Army National Guard. He served at Fort Knox for six months, where he was a platoon guide. Then he spent parts of the next six years balancing his burgeoning baseball career with time as part of a Reserve Unit at Fort Thomas, where he was a company cook.


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Miller really wanted to serve his country. Because he was too old (age 38 at the time), the Navy turned down his services. The noted band leader and composer actually had to convince the Army Air Forces to accept him, by saying he wanted to…

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