Month: October 2012

Admiral John Byng & General Martin Dempsey

Admiral John Byng, that is a name that is quite famous in naval circles.  Admiral Byng was a well-regarded commander in the Royal Navy, but he is best known for losing the Battle of Minorca at the beginning of the Seven Years War, he was subsequently court marshaled and convicted of failing “do his utmost”, and then executed by firing squad on board the HMS Monarch.  His unfortunate death did have a beneficial effect, every British naval officer since has preferred to face death in battle rather than the humiliation of execution.  While I have no doubt that Admiral Byng was unfairly convicted and executed, it did serve a greater good.


Is it time for another court-martial of a major military commander, this time of General Martin Dempsey?  A good case could be made for his conviction.  IF he, as alleged refused to send troops to support the Americans in Benghazi, in violation of the order given by President Obama, then there is sufficient grounds for a court-martial.  General Dempsey would not be the only one either, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and AfriCom commander General Carter Ham.


That is assuming the President Obama DID give the order to do everything possible to secure the Americans in Benghazi, and that Secretary Panetta decided in conjunction with Generals Dempsey and Ham NOT to send troops.  Then they disobeyed a direct order which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans and the injury to several more, to say nothing about the loss of material and classified intelligence.  All these offenses are punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), albeit the punishment is not death, but a long prison term.  If, on the other hand, President Obama DID NOT give that order then he should be impeached.


What do you think?  Is the President lying?  Are these officers falling on their swords for him?  Should we stand by and do nothing?  Should someone be punished for letting these Americans beg for help, and then to be refused by someone who was sitting safely behind a desk?


Thoughts and Prayers

Please Keep the people who are facing Sandy in your thoughts and prayers.  Flooding, fires, power outage and other issues related to the storm are plaguing them, and numerous deaths and injuries have occurred.


If you live on the east coast, just know, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and we will stand together in this time of crisis.



Emergency Preparation I

Emergency Preparation I

While I was in the Army I kept a Go Bag in my trunk.  It wasn’t really much of a go bag, it was my ruck, k-pot, LBE and other battle rattle.  I did keep some beef jerky and sardines in there.  I even kept the water in my canteen fresh, that only took one lesson.  I know I really should get one together, I live in Tornado Alley, well near enough that we get them on occasion.  I even have a really sweet ruck, that I have never really used, I mean I traveled with it a couple of times, but I have never used it to hump a good ways.

Being the internet search meister I am, I started looking for more information on how to build one, on the cheap, Yea, I hate to spend money too. While I found a couple of ‘go-bags’ or emergency bags. None of them really popped for me. To be honest, I kind of felt that they were over priced and under quality, but not really something you want to trust your survival to, if you HAD to.
So I decided to build one for myself, I think that is the best way to go, that way you can fine tune it, to your lifestyle.

So here goes what I have found:

A very good site dedicated to preparing for natural or not so natural disasters.

Remember, you are going to feel a bit lost and so are your children, spouse, and any pets you may have, so don’t forget to bring some comfort goods.  A good warm blanket, that old sweater grandma made for you, hell, those ugly ass sweats your wife/hubby told you to throw away (although that may bring its own issues).  Some food (3-7 days), water (1 gallon/day/person), clothes, medicine (up to a week’s worth), flashlights, batteries, blankets/pillows, there are some other things, like IDs/passports, keys, medical insurance cards, credit/debit cards, cash (small denomination & change), good clothes, & good shoes are a must, as in good quality not necessarily good-looking.  I would also recommend a good blade, some duck/duct tape, 550 cord/para cord, and a tarp, just in case.

Remember to get this together NOW, don’t wait until a storm approaches, or something else bad happens.  Get up, go do it now, well soon, after reading this.  Emergencies make things like bottled water, batteries, and canned foods go quickly.

There are many people who are far more expert in this area then I, so if you want to add something in the comments feel free to add.

Sunday Contemplation

—While Nakoula Basseley Nakoula aka Sam Bacile is more then likely a unsavory character, we still live in America and we have Freedom of Speech.  Even if it is speech we don’t like.


—Does Freedom of Religion mean Freedom from religion?


—Should ‘low/no information voters’ be allowed to vote?  Isn’t that how Hitler got elected?


—Where is the line between individual freedoms and community safety?


—A report recently claims that more then half the population are racist.  Is that true?


—Is Benghazi, Obama’s Watergate, with 4 dead Americans?


—Should we intervene in Mexico?  Where war has been going on between the Cartels and the Legitimate government.

Ted Turner & Soldier Suicides

CNN owner Ted Turner was being interviewed by Piers Morgan, when asked what he thought about US soldiers committing suicide at a rate of 1 a day, he said “I think that is t…ter…good.”  I believe he was going to say that he thought it was terrific.

I have this to say to Ted Turner.

Well Mr. Turner, all that wealth you have, it is because you live in the greatest country in the world.  WE are a great country because of our soldiers and our veterans.  After reviewing your bio, I noticed that you did not serve our country.  I realize you are now to old to serve, you should have, your world view would be different.  I also noticed that your father committed suicide, You have my most sincere sympathy.  Since you know how people who are left behind feel, it seems odd that you would say such a horrible thing.  I realize that your father’s untimely death allowed you to take over his assets but, I pray, that is not why you would say a horrible thing about our brave troops.  While we are talking about your father, is your father’s right-wing activism why you are so left-wing, are you still angry about him leaving you.  I understand that.  I do.  BUT you need to let go of the hate and the pain, Ted.  Embrace the kindness of the world.  Seek out people who challenge your tiny world views, walk in the steps of your father, learn why he thought as he did, and stop hating, Ted.

Maybe I am being sensitive about Ted Turner’s words.

Maybe it is acceptable to wish the young men and women who put their lives on hold, who left friends and family, loved ones, to travel around the world, to defend freedom and democracy.  Young men and women who put their lives and their health in harm’s way.

Maybe it is acceptable to exploit these same young men and women to make money for your “News” organization.

Maybe it is acceptable.  Maybe.  BUT to me, I will NEVER accept it.  EVER.  It sickens me, it saddens me, it brings out a rage in me.  It brings blood to my eyes, and hate to my heart, it brings out the worst parts of me.

So here I sit, blogging and listening to the soothing voice of Toni Braxton, instead of losing control.  I will get off here, and go and love on my beautiful wife, and my loyal dog, and my wonderful children.  While remembering that Ted’s hate filled words are to be pitied and condemned not used to incite hatred.

The Modern Whig Party

If you are looking for a political party that supports the troops, without wanting to send them to every $#!t hole on the planet, if you want a free market system, without mega corporations exploiting consumers, if you want your government to represent YOU, then The Modern Whig Party is a party you need to check out.

My Endorsement for President & Why

While I do write about politics, I don’t consider this a political blog, although lately politics seem to have dominated, I do feel the need to Endorse a President for the United States.  After looking at all the candidates it came down to:  T.J. O’Hara, of the Modern Whig Party, and Mitt Romney of the Republican Party, or not voting.


After careful consideration I am endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President in 2012.


After diligent review of the candidates’ positions, history, and every other tiny bit of information I could gather, I feel Mitt Romney is the person most likely to do the most good for our country.  Some of the other candidates I viewed quite favorably, some would only win my vote for village fool.