Day: November 3, 2012

Star Wars and Socialism

I heard that George Lucas has sold off the Star Wars franchise for a tad over $4 billion.  I have also heard that old George was a dedicated limousine liberal, so I thought “Hey here is an opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone”.  Since Lucas wants everyone to pay more taxes and to have the government far more involved in our lives, I thought “Great, let’s see how he likes those apples”.

So I suggest that the government takes the $4 billion he just made, and the other $3.5 billion he has, and use it for a Hurricane Sandy Restoration Fund.  To restore people’s lives, to pre Sandy levels.

I also noticed, George Lucas has put on some weight, and being the kind and caring person I am, I think the government needs to intervene in his life, obviously he is in need of a food/exercise intervention.  Where is that Surgeon General?  OH Nevermind.  Anyway, having mucked stalls as a teenager, I have it on good authority that shoveling sand will be excellent exercise.  So instead of making movies and billions of dollars, George Lucas will be shoveling sand off streets in New York and New Jersey.

I am kind of getting in to this whole government knows best thing, as long as I am the government.  Who else needs Government interventions?  Lindsay Lohan, for sure.  George Soros, absolutely.  Maddonna, U think?  and many more.  We should also intervene for some of the politicians, John Kerry, Al Gore, & Michael Bloomberg, I am looking at you guys.


[Just for you socialists who think this is really a workable idea, realize that if we did take all $4 billion of Luca’s cash and gave it to the people of New York and New Jersey, it would work out to be about $130 each.]