Day: November 4, 2012

Sunday Contemplation

—FEMA was created to deal with National level disasters.  Does anyone think that they have done a good job?  or at least better than what the Military could have done?


—Who will be happy when the election is over?  Irregardless of who wins just to get away from all those ads.


—If a politician believes his/her vision (be it leftist or rightist) is correct, why lie about it?


—Should we be electing lawyers to be our politicians?  Could that be the root of our political problems?


—There is always talk of simplifying the tax code, but rarely of simplifying the legal code, why?  I’d rather pay money then my life over a bureaucratic error, wouldn’t you?


—Should we care more about the criminal or the victim of a crime?


—If we bring our troops home, couldn’t we use them to build infrastructure, the troops get practical experience and we get new bridges, roads, power grids etc.