Day: November 8, 2012

FEMA Closed? WTF?

A sign at a FEMA office in New York

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is closed in New York, at least some of it’s offices, for bad weather.

Great Job, FEMA People, wouldn’t want you out in the bad weather or anything. You might catch cold, and have to take a paid sick day.

I hope everyone takes note, whenever you need the government immediately, they will be available in 7 to 10 business days, assuming good weather, of course.

Thursday Thoughts

I am just dropping some random thoughts I have this morning


1.  Since President Obama was re-elected does Jesse Jackson officially lose his race card?


2.  Does Imus and/or Rush get a race card now?


3.  Why are people overly obsessed with race?  Correct me if I am wrong but we all bleed the same color.  RED.


4.  What does a person look for in a president?


5.  Is style more important than substance?


6.  Is hard work the key to success or is dodging blame?


7.  Why are so many people wanting more government interference in their life?


8.  Is marijuana really any worse then alcohol?


9.  If sharing the wealth is good, why do people have to be forced to do it?


10.  Is the decline of religion causing a decline of critical thinking?