Day: November 9, 2012

Religion and People

If you were like me, growing up you were taught that religion and politics were inappropriate subjects of public conversation, but I have a few thoughts I want to share, irregardless.  Why, you ask, because I think it is important, and well it’s my blog and I’m a big ol’ meany.  😀

Anyways, why is religion a taboo subject?  I really don’t understand that.  I have always been fascinated with religion, by no means am I an expert but I have learned a thing or two over the years.  I have studied with various religions, mostly Christian religions but nevertheless, what is wrong with having a belief system that clearly delineates wrong from right?  I get it, the argument is “You shouldn’t need the lure of eternal happiness to do what is right or the fear of eternal suffering to NOT do what is bad”, Great, awesome, but ummm it doesn’t seem to be working.  People rarely are even courteous any more let alone kind.  So maybe the majority of people do need that.

A blog that I read, has a writer who wrote an article about some of the differences between liberals and conservatives, and in it he states that conservatives are more religious and liberals are more spiritual.  Now I think for the most part this is a correct observation and studies bear that out, but I think in looking for the forest we missed all the trees.  I am suggesting that conservatives are not only more religious but are more closely tied to their belief systems, while liberals have more “wiggle room” with their belief systems, in most cases.

Before you flip out and go shooting off nasty comments let me finish.  Liberals have a great concern for all people, irregardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc, but feel that the dominant what-have-you suppress the minorities, sometimes by their merely being the dominant what-have you, now I personally don’t agree with that school of thought, but there it is.  Conservatives have a concern for all people, irregardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc, but feel the best way is for one to help themselves, i.e. God helps those who help themselves.  I’m sure you have heard that saying before.

I further noticed that when asked most people who don’t claim a particular religion, say they are agnostic or believe in a higher power, but not in an organized religion.  I have also heard Christians say that they are Christian but don’t believe in church.  I’ll be honest I am not sure what that means, is it possible to be a Christian and not believe in Church?  I understood that the church is the ‘body of Christ’.  But I digress.

So I believe the primary reason for this is because of our culture’s (by our culture I mean the media and entertainment industries) disdain of organized religions, particularly Abrahamic religions.  This decline in faith in organized religions enhances the power of the state, by taking away one of its prime competitors, the church.  This allows the state to ‘help’ people in the form of welfare, as opposed to the help received from one’s local church/synagogue/mosque/temple.

All in All, I firmly believe that the decline of organized religion is to the detriment of our society.  I further expect, that this continued decline, will require something to replace the organized religion in people’s lives.

The question then is, what will that be?  In Communist China, the USSR, and Nazi Germany, the state tried to replace religion.

Will that be the fate of the US and the UK?


Will the losing of our religion and church herald our losing our individual freedoms?