Day: November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran’s Day & Happy Remembrance Day

Today is a very important day, here in America it is Veteran’s Day, In the UK and the Commonwealth it is Remembrance Day.

So find a veteran and thank him or her for their service.

I would like to personally thank all veterans for their service.  Thank you.  We all appreciate the freedoms you have fought for, and kept safe for us.  We also appreciate all the sacrifices you have suffered to do this for us.  May the Peace you fought so hard for, be enjoyed by all of us.

If you want to Please give to one or more of the following organizations that help veterans:

or any other organization that supports veterans.

Sunday Contemplation

—Is it fair, that employees of some companies have to sign over rights to anything they develop while they work for those companies?

—I have heard that you can’t legislate morality, but if you don’t legislate morals what do you legislate?  Don’t morals impact almost all of your decisions?

—Should politicians be able to vote themselves a raise?

—Taxes on alcohol in the US (in 2009) totaled $5.8 Billion, if estimates on marijuana consumption are correct and between $10 and $40 billion, and you tax it at a 10% rate, that is $1 to $4 Billion not to mention $10 billion spent on marijuana enforcement efforts, Just legalizing pot would bring in, $11 to $14 billion.  Not a debt solver, but well on the way to helping fix the problem.  Just a thought.

—Why was no one punished for the 9/11/01?  Didn’t some screw up, to allow 19 terrorists to hijack 4 aircraft?

—Do you believe that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

—Is the best meal the one you share with your loved ones?