Happy Veteran’s Day & Happy Remembrance Day

Today is a very important day, here in America it is Veteran’s Day, In the UK and the Commonwealth it is Remembrance Day.

So find a veteran and thank him or her for their service.

I would like to personally thank all veterans for their service.  Thank you.  We all appreciate the freedoms you have fought for, and kept safe for us.  We also appreciate all the sacrifices you have suffered to do this for us.  May the Peace you fought so hard for, be enjoyed by all of us.

If you want to Please give to one or more of the following organizations that help veterans:






or any other organization that supports veterans.


  1. It’s a day of mixed feelings for some of us… we remember, along with other memories. Like the day we were drafted into war, and the thought that the guys on the other side were drafted, too. By governments happy to give our lives for their purposes…
    Those people earned a lot of thanks, but I’ve always felt that there ought to be a day reserved for the politicians who put them there, a very unique, special kind of day…


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