Sunday Contemplation

—Is it fair, that employees of some companies have to sign over rights to anything they develop while they work for those companies?

—I have heard that you can’t legislate morality, but if you don’t legislate morals what do you legislate?  Don’t morals impact almost all of your decisions?

—Should politicians be able to vote themselves a raise?

—Taxes on alcohol in the US (in 2009) totaled $5.8 Billion, if estimates on marijuana consumption are correct and between $10 and $40 billion, and you tax it at a 10% rate, that is $1 to $4 Billion not to mention $10 billion spent on marijuana enforcement efforts, Just legalizing pot would bring in, $11 to $14 billion.  Not a debt solver, but well on the way to helping fix the problem.  Just a thought.

—Why was no one punished for the 9/11/01?  Didn’t some screw up, to allow 19 terrorists to hijack 4 aircraft?

—Do you believe that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

—Is the best meal the one you share with your loved ones?


  1. As a computer programmer, I fall into that first category. It’s written in my work contract that a) I’m not allowed to do any work outside of my regular work hours without permission, b) if I receive payment for any work done with permission, I must report those earnings to my employer so that they can be deducted from my salary, and c) anything I design or create whilst on work premises or using work property belongs to the company.

    An abhorrent set of rules? Absolutely. The unfortunate truth for said company is that all this does is alienate me. I’m then inspired to work around their constraints (and have successfully done so) and they have forfeited any possibility of being included in my future ventures e.g. if I needed backing for some brilliant new project.

    Maybe that’s what some people call karma.


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