More Information Leaks About Benghazi

More and More information has slowly been trickling out about Benghazi and the cast of characters surrounding it (one that would rival a soap opera, Seriously).

Check out The Rio Norte Line ( ).  Some great information there.

So here is my summary, first off, our President may have watched the unfolding attack on the consulate in Benghazi, knowing that Ambassador Stevens and numerous others were there, then “someone” ordered the people at the CIA annex NOT to aid the people in the consulate.  The military was either NOT ordered to intervene or told to STAND DOWN, and now claims they could not have intervened in time (Which is a crock of shit, as there were Air Force assets less than 2 hours away in Sicily, and guess who was in Sicily as well?  Army Compartmented Elements (ACE), aka Delta Force along with at least one company of Marines.  To say nothing of the entire 6th Fleet, based at….Naples, Italy or the 173 Airborne Brigade at Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy.  What is the point of having troops forward deployed if they can’t get to a fire fight in 7 hours?

I forgot to mention, why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi instead at his Embassy in Tripoli, yea, Ambassador goes with Embassy not consulate.  Word is Stevens was working a deal to get back some of the manpads (man portable, surface to air missiles, think Stinger or SA-7) we had given those Libyan boys to shoot down Quaddafi’s flyboys.  Oddly some or a lot ended up in the hands of some nasty characters, (wait for the shocker and show your best shocked face), the same nasty characters who….attacked our consulate.  It gets better, to give those manpads to…the Syrian resistance, who….again are some nasty characters.  (do I see a pattern here?)

But wait, there is more, (You see how this is starting to resemble a bad soap?), the UN Ambassador, Susan Rice gets on 5 Sunday News shows and blames a spontaneous demonstration…The CIA director, General Patraeus, (lovingly called by the left General Betray-Us) also calls the attack spontaneous.  So is that it?  NO

It seems the good General (Patraeus) had a zipper control issue, with his biographer, Paula Broadwell (a lieutenant colonel in the army reserves), who allegedly sent threatening letters to Jill Kelley (we will come back to her, later), the FBI investigated these letters and found nothing significant, but oddly decided to investigate General Patraeus, the head of the CIA, without informing the President.  General Patraeus has since resigned from his duties as head of the CIA.

Back to Jill Kelley, or should I say Gilberte Khawam, a Lebenese born socialite who has a penchant for US Military officers with duties tied to the Middle East.  Did I mention that Ms.Kelley or Ms. Khawam, or whatever is also $2 million in debt from throwing lavish parties to wine and dine those military officers?  She also rather oddly, had VIP access at CentCom.  Oh I almost forgot, she had a “flirtatious relationship” with General John R. Allen, the commander of ISAF and all US forces in Afghanistan.

WOW.  If this was a book or movie, no one would believe it, and yet it is true.  So…let’s see where that leaves us.

A president who knows nothing.

A former CIA head who is a security risk.  Who now says he knew it was terrorism within 24 hours.

A top military commander who is also a security risk.

An Attorney General, who has gone ‘rogue’.

A possible spy at CentCom.

A dead Ambassador.

A possible unsavory deal between the Administration and terrorists

Our brave men who were fighting (in Benghazi) were also using a laser designator to “light up” the enemy mortar team.  Odd thing to do, under fire, or anytime, unless you understood that some type of fire support was forthcoming, say like an ARMED DRONE OVERHEAD.  Just saying.

Sounds like a bad dream

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