Day: November 17, 2012

Union Thugs Kill Dolly Madison and Twinkies

Mafia wanna be Union thugs (specifically the baker’s union) refusal to compromise has caused Hostess (you know the company that makes Twinkies, Hohos, Wonder bread, and other tasty but nutritiously suspect goodies) to close up shop.

So any rich entrepreneurs out there who want to reap in some serious cash, should buy up all these hostess assets and move them to a right to work state, say like Texas, and open up.  You know in a place where silly union rules won’t require you to deliver the bread and the ding dongs in separate trucks to the same place, or a myriad of completely mind-boggling, useless union rules.

Just remember what this means….NO Twinkies in case of a nuclear or zombie apocalypse.  For Zombieland fans….What would Tallahassee search for?  Growing up, Twinkies were the silver lining of a nuclear apocalypse, to say nothing of the gold standard for lunch time trading at schooldays gone by.

Stoners, I bet you didn’t think Obama would let this happen, you better break out the broccoli spears and carrot sticks.  Yum Yum

Expect more companies to go bankrupt, as our country swings in the direction of Greece.