Day: November 18, 2012

Sunday Contemplation

—Who is eating all the twinkies?  Stores in my area have sold out.  😦

—Is Twitter becoming the digital equivalent of the angry irrational mob?

—What is up with leftists, liberals, commies/socialist they do know that Israel is a liberal democracy while Hamas besides being a terrorist group is an ultra-conservative theocracy?

—How hard is it for people NOT to use the phone while driving?  or walking?  or anything that requires some degree of paying attention to the world around them?

—If the end of the world is near (21 Dec 2012 as the Mayans say) will you miss corporate greed, union thuggery, politics, wars, natural disasters, and general stupidity?

—Is the state of the world our fault for allowing politicians we know are lying, cheating, moral-less thieves into office?

—Is there anything more beautiful than the face of your loved one, in bed next to you, when you wake up in the morning?