Day: November 19, 2012

Anonymous Attacks Israel and Gay Rights

The radical left-wing hacker group of notoriously low wisdom and high tech skills, Anonymous has attacked numerous Israeli websites, in their cleverly named OpIsraelThe Times of Israel reported the vast majority of these attacks have failed, although Anonymous was able to take down Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jerusalem Bank (both were back online shortly after the attacks).

Good to see Anonymous is consistent, having previously attacked Sudan for pending “homophobic” laws in August of 2012, now they are attacking “The Gay Capital of the Middle East” (that would be Tel Aviv according to OUT magazine), instead of Hamas (a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group).  Way to stick to your morals, Anonymous.  So Anonymous is more of those National Socialists (Nazi) as opposed to those Democratic Socialists (the US Democrat Party or the UK Labour Party), I guess.  You are allowed to be gay unless you are Muslim, then the thousands of Palestinian gay people who fled to Israel, (as not to suffer under the very unenlightened regime of Hamas in Gaza) are now under attack by not only Hamas, but by Anonymous.

Let’s not forget that significant funds for Hamas comes from their buddies in Iran.  You remember gay friendly Iran, the place where Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who stated that Iran has no homosexuals) [but] regularly executes them (could be why).

So in closing, Great Job Anonymous, if you were trying to act like a bunch of uniformed, bigoted, marxist morons.  If on the other hand, you were trying to look like a group of internet activists who actually cared about people and not politics, well,

You FAILED, epically.

Hamas Lies Continue and Continue to Fail

The cowardly terrorist group Hamas has lied repeatedly in the past and it continues in the present time, with false allegations of children dying and then showing pictures of children killed in the Syrian violence.  This horrible example of Black Propaganda cheapens the lives of those poor children.  Even the death of Mohammed Sadallah appears to have been caused by an Hams rocket falling short and landing in Gaza.


So Hamas, let’s stop the violence.  STOP ROCKETING ISRAEL, STOP LYING, and STOP TEACHING CHILDREN HATE.  Kind of simple, huh.


Before anyone says IF Israel would stop bombing first….Allow me to slap some sense into you…..If Israel stopped bombing, Hamas would NOT stop rocketing; but if Hamas stopped rocketing, Israel WOULD stop bombing.