Day: November 21, 2012

Holiday Safety Briefing

This is the Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Briefing.

First of all, DO NOT DRINK (or TAKE DRUGS) and DRIVE.  Use a taxi or have a sober friend drive you.


While many of you will be feasting heavily this week, I know I plan too a lot of you will also be partaking in some drinking.  Drinking is an enjoyable activity that can have not only social benefits but health ones as well, IN MODERATION.  You don’t want to be the person puking in the garden, wearing a lamp shade, or obnoxiously hitting on anything with two legs and a heartbeat.

So drink in moderation, again DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, enjoy your time with friends and family.  If you live in some of the more cool climates, be careful in all of your driving.
And remember to be THANKFUL for all of the Blessings you have received this year.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  Be SAFE and make sure you come back alive and well.

Is the UN a Useless Waste of Your Money?

As I was meandering about the internet this morning, I came across some article about the UN and the peace process in Israel.    I thought to myself, what has the UN done that was actually good.  I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head, so I decided to dig deeper, first I binged it, oddly nothing came up.  So I looked into the history of the United Nations.  It appears that the UN is the successor to the infamously inept League of Nations.  Well it appears in this case, the UN has far exceeded the League of Nations in the realm of ineptitude.  What started off as a well-intentioned but ill-conceived idea of uniting the members of the anti-fascists alliance.  As if a union of aggressive Stalinist Communist Regimes and Western democracies could ever effectively work.  From this inauspicious beginnings we have the current dysfunctional UN.


So how much is this wonderful cesspool of corruption, incompetence and pro-tyranny apparatchiks costing YOU the US taxpayer?  Billions of dollars, almost 1/4 of the entire UN budget is supposed to be paid for by….us.  What do we really get out of the UN?

1.  Corruption of epic proportion in the Iraqi Oil-for-Food Program, run by the [now former] UN Secretary-General’s son.

2.  Inability and/or unwillingness to intervene in the genocides in the Congo, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

3.  Inability and/or unwillingness to intervene in the ongoing genocide in Uganda (Darfur) amongst others.

4.  UN support for forced abortions and coercive sterilizations, around the world.

5.  Complete and total paralysis in dealing with Pakistan’s atrocities against Bangladeshi Hindus in 1971, after a UN Security Council Resolution on it, amongst many others.

6.  The failure of the UN to denounce many other Crimes Against Humanity let alone prosecuting these offenses in the International Criminal Court (ICC).


So I ask, what are we getting for our billions of dollars?

A safer world?  NO

Justice for those who commit crimes against humanity?  NO

The end to poverty?  NO

Any tangible benefits?  NOPE


Then I submit it is time to withdraw from the United Nations and remove their odorous presence from our shores.  They I am sure will be welcome in Sudan, Pakistan, or any number of tyrannically run countries, who will continue to use the UN to legitimize their illegal and immoral actions, with UN approval or at least UN indifference.