Day: November 28, 2012

If I Won Tonite’s Powerball…

Tonight is the drawing for the $500 million or so Powerball lottery.  I understand it to be the 2nd largest amount in US history.  If you were to win, you could take the lump sum payment of $375 million.  Here is what I am thinking if I were to win, (not that I will but still)


1.  A house with a big fenced yard for my dog to run (she’s old she doesn’t run much anymore, more of a lumbering trot but she enjoys it)

2.  A new car.  I am thinking a BMW X5.

3.  I’d give $1 million to all the relatives I talk to, if we don’t talk, I don’t like you, so….

4. I’d put together a No Kill Shelter for animals that does spading and neutering for cost.  Maybe less, I’d have to run the numbers.  (I think there is one in my town, so it would get the money)

5.  Some serious cash for vets in need.  ( take care of the people who take care of us)

6.  A fricking box of Twinkies  😀 (just in case of a zombie apocalypse)


Want would you spend all that cash on?