Month: December 2012

Racism and You


Are you a racist?

By definition (which by the way is: the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others. Courtesy of really doesn’t explain anything, because racism has become a tool or perhaps it always has been.

To be fair, I grew up in a multicultural society (of sorts), I was an army brat, so we were all green, not green like environmentalists more of a OD [olive drab] Green. If you grew up an army brat you would know what I was talking about, even when my dad was stationed in the US, we were hanging out with other army kids, and other army families or retirees, at absolute best, if you will, civilians who worked for the military (who were mostly ex-military). My wife is an army brat too. Growing up, we never saw any signs of racism, to be honest, it was pretty idyllic life to grow up in, sure dad worked (outrageous hours at times) and we experienced terrorism, hate crowds, anti-Americanism, and a fair share of deprivation, yea things were actually rationed back then, nothing I can say I missed, but hey I can whine, right? Needless to say, we all went to the same schools, played football together, hung out, and dated. The closest thing that you could say divided us, would be the few kids who had a mum who was a foreign national, German, Korean, Vietnamese, English, being the most common but seemingly endless, only because they had a slightly different view on things then kids whose mums were American. Before you ask, besides a few Mexican families I didn’t know of any people who had a father who was a FN (foreign national). But we really wouldn’t have cared anyway, because they were green.

Even when I was in the military, I never seen any signs of racism, maybe I wore rose colored glasses.

Here is the thing though, the level of racism, has skyrocketed, you see it everywhere now.  In our popular culture, in our schools, in our main stream media (you know the propaganda people), so is it perception or fact?  I think that the majority of it is perception, a tool of the statists to crush opposition and to keep everyone at each others throats, but with that said, racism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The accusation of racism is so condemning the only thing that comes close to it, is accusing someone of child molesting.  While it should be, it seems that the statists have hi-jacked the race issue to cause rifts not heal them.  We all love and admire Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (that horrendous Soviet style monstrosity aside, to say nothing of the absurd partial quote), but they even have the nerve to use the good Reverends name to promote their hatred.


I never could understand why anyone would believe the lies that the statists spread or how they could have the nerve to spout some of things that they do, then it hit me (I’m slow like that), they are the racists, they say those racists things about their enemies because they believe them, they think like that, so they attempt to alleviate their guilt by projecting it upon anyone who stands in their goal of creating a socialist utopia, well for us it would be a dystopia.

So the next time you see someone accuse someone of racism, evalutate the situation and the people involved before making a decision, and remember racism (and any form of discrimination) can be against any group, contrary to the crap that spouts from liberals mouths.

That is one thing, that AG Holder is correct about, (probably the only thing that has ever left his mouth that was the absolute truth, what a evil, corrupt, little troll), America is afraid of having a honest discussion of race, and more importantly racism, and contextualize it correctly.

So to not be a racist, all you have to do is JUDGE a person by the content of their character, NOT the color of their skin.  Pretty easy, right?  So all those propaganda mouth pieces who call freedom loving Americans,  racists, are racists or ignorant, probably both.


This would have made an excellent monument to the great man.

This would have made an excellent monument to the great man.

I Saw This on Moonbattery, Thought it was Awesome

Check this out on Moonbattery:

What a wonderful idea, if Weapon Free Zones are good enough for our most precious resource, our children, should it not be good enough for our civil servants?


What say you, are civil servants more valuable than our children?  I think NOT, so if it is good enough for our children than it is good enough for our ‘leaders’.  I’m sure our wonderful civil servants would be more than happy to give up their armed guards, and we will declare the area around the white house, and congress as Gun Free Zones.  I should think we should put up many many signs around where ever politicians hang out, whatever brothel, bordello, opium den, or house of ill repute they hang their hats.  We want to ensure their safety, and those GUN FREE ZONE signs should really do the trick.

You know what since all those Hollywood ‘stars’ want something done about guns, I say we make Hollywood a Gun Free Zone too, nothing says you are safe like a gun free zone, or at least that is what they tell us.


Anyone know how to start one of those online petitions?  I think we need to start one up.  Assuming one has not been started up already.


We are all equal before the law (that includes civil servants)



What Has Become of American Democracy?

When I was in school I was taught, like you I am sure, that the United States of America was a democracy or more precisely a democratic republic, but I am not sure that is the case, at least any more.  The will of the majority, but not at the expense of the minority.  Nice, right?  Sadly we no longer live in that America.  Our duly elected representatives have been derelict of their duties, they openly defy our will, they make laws, and make themselves immune to those laws. (case and point, the ObamaCare law, you and I have to participate, members of congress are except, if it is not good enough for them, then it is not good enough for you and me)

As I have stated in a previous post, I have never met my duly elected representative, to be honest, I have never bothered to try to meet them either.  Previously I really did care to terribly much about politics because I always figured (albeit rather naively) that politicians would do what is best for America because they were American, and what was best for America, would, by default be best for me, because I was American.  This seemed like a logical thought to me.

Since that time, I have been told that I am voting against my best interests, I am poor and disabled, so voting democrat would be in my best interest, but I feel that the democrats do NOT do things that would be in the best interests of the US, and hence me.  I am not confident that the Republicans do things that are in the interest of the US either, there are a few, but for the most part, I think the government has become an entity unto its self.  That happens with bureaucracies, they become almost living creatures, more concerned with survival than doing the job they were originally created to do.

Is it time for a whole scale house cleaning of our government and civil service?  They have hopped into bed with the media, who no longer even bothers to pretend to be unbiased, filling the airways with more propaganda than the old Soviet Pravda used to spout.  The media is reaping the rewards of their lies, the main stream media trust level is at historic lows, viewership is down, which means soon profitability will follow.  No doubt the government will deem the media as “to big (important) to fail”, and drop large wads of cash to keep up the propaganda machine.

Recall, if you will, it is these government officials that allow crazed extremists to undermine not only the letter of the Constitution but the spirit of freedom here in America.  Why else do you think they allow these blatant attacks on symbols of religion, usually Christianity, but any and all organized religion.  Because organized religion stands in their path to control of your lives.  You can NOT be a good little progressive automaton if you have a religion.

Let me let loose a full volley here, the sole exception to my above statement is Islam, somehow the some Muslim Imams have been able to highjack the entire religion, to the point that few Muslims are willing to stand up to the extremists in their own religion, so tyranny reigns, no doubt why certain factions of our government love Islam, so much.  The battles over guns, abortion, religion are battles, the war is about FREEDOM, and how You and I are losing our Freedom.

I fully expect that our fight for Freedom will get more intense in the coming years.  Freedom does not slip away, it is chipped away slowly, this has happened before in other countries, and now it is happening here.


My Dear Santa Letter

Santa Claus

Santa Claus


Dear Santa,


I know I am way to old to be writing you, but I am not asking for anything, I am giving you a heads up, I think Barrack Obama is gunning for your job.

I know you are thinking “President Obama trying to replace me, Ol’ Saint Nick?

No way.”.

But he is giving away lots of free stuff,

except he has the whole naughty and nice thing backwards,

he is giving stuff to naughty people (you know who they are)

Not only that but he is NOT giving stuff to the nice people.

On top of that he is even taking stuff away from the nice people to give to the naughty people.

Since he doesn’t have any elves to make the presents, he is borrowing money, to give out those gifts, and he is borrowing that money in our children’s names, and their children, and maybe even their grandchildren.

Now I am not sure if you can do anything about all this, but I figured you should know, when you make your yearly world wide trip, remember all the naughty people are getting a lot of things this year, and the nice people aren’t.

So if you could, You might want to bring President Obama a couple of things,

like a conscious,

some humility,

a book on economics,

and of course, a whole lot of coal (now I know why he hates coal so much).


One of Your Many Fans,




I think I am old enough now for the Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock, without shooting my eye out.  😀

Sunday Contemplation (23 Dec 12)

The Beauty of Contemplation

The Beauty of Contemplation


—While I admit, that while Russia has announcing that the Syrian NBC weapons are “under control” makes me feel a bit better, I am still concerned that some of the Free Syrian Army will ‘liberate’ some of these weapons and use them in their Jihads.  What about you?


—Aren’t you happy for Congress and the President being able to go on Christmas Holiday, instead of working through the fiscal cliff crisis?


—The Huffington Post (I know a paragon of truth in reporting) is reporting that milk prices could jump from its current average of $3.60 a gallon to as much as $8, thanks to some archaic law still on the books that forces the government to buy milk at inflated rates to ‘stabilize’ the milk market.  Have Milk?


—Now that we survived the 21/12/12 Mayan Apocalypse, we need only to worry about the super flu , wars, out of control spending, and of course government over reach.  Kind of makes you wish we did have the zombie apocalypse, don’t it?


—Shouldn’t we fully invest in this season of peace, by showing everyone that loving thy neighbor, is not just a saying, but a mantra to live by?





A Few Thoughts on Gun Control


Let me understand this correctly, some people think that if you ban guns, then criminals who don’t obey laws already, won’t use guns?  If that is the case, shouldn’t we ban politicians from lying?



Doesn’t Mexico have some of the strictest gun control laws in the world?


For those people who think the founding fathers didn’t anticipate modern day firearms when they wrote the constitution, they did not anticipate the internet, telephones, radio, television, or the telegraph either, funny how Freedom of Speech still works.  I guess those guys were pretty dang smart.



Remember Gun Control is NOT about guns, it is about CONTROL.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear arms,

not just for hunting,

not just for sport shooting,

but to ensure domestic tranquility and prevent government tyranny.



YOU are your first, last, and best line of defense against people with bad intentions.  Don’t allow some politician (who has armed guards payed for by YOU) take that away from you.  Most of us don’t have the money to hire armed guards.


The End of The World or Something Like That

endoftimeCongratulations People, we have made it to the end of the world.  I think we are good though, no Zombie Apocalypse, no meteor crushing us, no solar flare shutting down our electronics.

Just a quick thought, maybe….we should use this as an opportunity to remember the things that are important to us.

To remember while the Mayans may have been wrong, our last day on earth may come at anytime, and it won’t be such a big bang, so make sure you love your family, friends, and neighbors as if it is the last day on earth, it maybe yours, it maybe theirs.

Happy Winter Solstice


The Day Before The End of the World


Well it looks like tomorrow is the end of the world, but Psy’s Gangnam Style doesn’t look like it will hit 1 billion hits (currently 990,098,220) on you tube, so maybe we are in luck.  😛


Some other news from around the world…


Elitist propagandist newsman, Sam Donaldson was arrested for DUI in Delaware.  [BTW I am shocked that Donaldson would be so selfish, must have been all those coyotes who got him drunk.]


Russian Czar Vladimir Putin has offered French actor Gepard Depardieu, a place in Russia.  [feel free to add your own jokes here]

Prince William and Princess Kate on their wedding day

Prince William and Princess Kate on their wedding day

Our government is stilling arguing over the ins & outs of a compromise on the looming fiscal cliff.  [Could we just boot all of them out, and invite the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be King and Queen of America, or Princess Charlotte of Monaco, as Empress of America, something.]

Princess Charlotte of Monaco

Princess Charlotte of Monaco

Syria, the terrorist leader and wannabe president Bashar Assad is still clinging to what little power he has.  [now you know why the democrats in our government want to get rid of guns, they don’t want to end up like Qaddafi or Assad]


Well folks that is all I have for today, expect an early post tomorrow, Just in Case.




all images stolen blatantly from the internet, if something on here belongs to you and you desire it removed contact me, and I will remove it.  Have a nice day.

Politicians and Trust

When it comes to gun control, ask yourself one question,

Are the politicians going to give up their guns and/or armed guards?

If the answer to that is NO, then ask,

Are the lives of Barrack Obama, John Boehner, or any of the other politicians more important than yours or your loved ones?

I don’t think that they are more important, we live in a democracy, they are




If we can’t be trusted with firearms, then THEY can’t be trusted either, nor can their guards.

They already think of themselves as an aristocracy, THEY AREN’T, they are leeches to our society, sucking the life blood out of America, and the American Dream.  The Dream that all people are created equal, and the rights we have, we are born with, not allowed to have by the government.

We give the government rights, and we can take back those rights.