Sunday Contemplation

Our Flag, flying over the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC.

Our Flag, flying over the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC.


Last week a teacher (Scott Compton, formally an English teacher at Chapin High School, in Chapin, South Carolina) was fired for stomping on an American flag in 3 classes and stating this is just a symbol it means nothing.

Well, Mr. Compton, I have to disagree, that flag represents not only our country, the United States of America, but it represents the everything that is good about America, the people.

That was the flag that was flying over Valley Forge, when General Washington led a rag-tag group of rebels against the strongest army in the world,

that flag was at Yorktown, when General Washington accepted the surrender of British forces in America, ending the Revolutionary War, with our independence,

that flag was at General Washington’s inauguration, when instead of becoming King of America, he become President,

that flag was at the inauguration of John Adams, showing the world that America was a democracy,

that flag was flying at Fort Sumter when the civil war began,

and present at Appomattox Court House, when General Lee surrendered, ending that bloody war,

that flag was present when President Lincoln first signed the Emancipation Proclamation,

and later when the 13th Amendment was adopted, freeing all of the slaves in America,

that flag was present when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor,

and was there 4 years later when the Japanese surrendered on the American battleship Missouri.

That flag was present at Pusan, Korea, when things looked dark, on that peninsula so long ago,

that flag is still present today, helping to defend Freedom and Democracy, against the forces of tyranny.

That flag was flying over Dr. Martin Luther King when he gave us a dream, a dream of a country built on love, not hate.

That flag was flying over Khe Sahn, when our troops defended that piece of land far away from loved ones, in defiance of tyranny.

That flag was flying over our troops who liberated so many countries, not to annex territory, not to pillage, but to give the people of those lands freedom they so desperately yearned for, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous others.

That flag was flying over many momentous time in our history, so many, that some forget, that flag is a symbol, but a symbol of hope and freedom, not only for Americans but for all people in the world,

That flag represents America the shining city upon a hill.

While you are correct, Mr. Compton, it is just a piece of cloth, but it is also so much more, it is the representation of all of our hopes and dreams, not only for ourselves but for our children and our grandchildren, it has always been that, and many people have died for that piece of cloth, Mr. Compton, many more have sacrificed for that piece of cloth, all so you, Mr. Compton, can show your contempt of all the things that it represents, that is your right, a right guaranteed by that piece of cloth, but remember, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

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