Tuesday Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts for today….


– Have you ever seen what drugs do to people?  (If you haven’t you need to bing what does meth do to people under images)  Seriously they could be zombies, at least looks-wise.


– So much going in the world but nothing I want to comment on, right now, but several stories that are interesting…the young women held captive, the horrible stories coming out of the Kermit Gosner trial, the Syrian situation, the Boston attack and of course Benghazi.  Well maybe just a few…

— Wow, those 3 women after 10 years, that is crazy, glad they are safe.

— I am speechless about the stories around the Gosner trial, I will probably write a post on it, after some more contemplation (for words not the thoughts).

— Syria, looks to be getting nastier, with allegations of chemical use, but it looks like the world will sit this one out.

— More twists and turns in this terrorist attack, this case fascinates me, I think there is much more than what meets the eye, here.

— Benghazi seems to be getting more notice, 8 months late.  Again, another fascinating incident, with more information to find out.


– In the next few weeks I will be transitioning to an e-cigarette from real cigarettes so, FUN FUN FUN  😦

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