Thursday Thoughts (9 May 2013)

Good Morning Erudite Readers,


It seems Jodi Arias was found guilty.  (insert your best shocked face here)


Other events going on in the world today are….


Have you seen the Charles Ramsey video?  check it out:  Link

amusing video, but a sad and depressing view of the state of race relations in America.


What is up with Nancy Grace?  Check this out:  Link

walking 15 feet was out of the box for Ms. Grace or Ashleigh Banfield, or was it to look all hi-tech?  Yea that was a fail, either way.


on the more serious side of things, there will be more hearings today on the Benghazi incident, not that I am expecting any bombshells to come out of it.


Have you heard of the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh?  more than 900 people were killed.  A horrible tragedy, it has been 2 weeks and the authorities are still pulling bodies from the rubble.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors and the families of the dead.


More information keeps trickling out of the Cleveland kidnapping/enslavement ordeal suffered by the 4 young ladies.  It seems there may have been more victims.  It also seems that there were some reports of unusual activities at the home, but nothing substantial enough for the police to aggressively pursue.  There are also reports that the daughter of prime suspect Ariel Castro is currently serving a 25 year sentence for cutting the throat of her baby.  I will allow you to draw your own conclusions.


Well after all the nastiness in the world, I would like to leave you with something much more happy…..I leave you with Happy Dogs….


and if you are not a dog lover….Here is a happy cat…..


and if you don’t like cats or dogs…..well here is NOT happy Cat



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