Friday Freakout (10 May 2013)

Greetings Inquisitive Readers,


For today’s installment of Friday Freakout, I am not going to freakout today, I’ve been busy reading so, I’m not so much in the mood to freakout.

I would like to make a quick comment on the IRS admitting that they harassed Tea Party groups, people need to ask themselves if this is the type of government we want, not only for us but for our children, have we strayed so far from democracy and freedom that the federal government harasses groups of law-abiding citizens for no other reason than petty politics, suddenly petty politics become a whole lot more important, people sit up and start paying attention.

Is that a good thing, I hope so, I hope the government realizes that what made America great is freedom.  I hope the people (US) realize that participating in government is more than just a right, it is a civil duty.  A duty that ensures that our children can participate in government.  Our legacy to our children will be the strength of our democracy.


I am sorry for sounding a bit preachy, that is not my intention, my intention is to merely put into words my thoughts.  I have a family fish fry tomorrow, so no updates until Sunday, which I hope to have a good contemplation, as I have already been contemplating 😀


Be Safe, Don’t Drink and Drive, and come back soon, and don’t forget to check out some of my favorite blogs.




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