Sunday Contemplation (19 May 13)


Welcome Sagacious Citizens, to the latest installment of Sunday Contemplation.  It seems in the last week or so, several things have come to light, that makes our ‘esteemed’ government look even more incompetent or nefarious then normal.

We all realize that both parties are corrupt, I dare say, most sane people understand that politicians are nothing more than human leeches, or at the very least parasites upon society, but let’s look at the depth of their depravity, shall we….

Feb 1993, World Trade Center Bombing, 6 killed, 1042 injured.

Aug 1998, US Embassy Bombings, 223 killed, 4,000+ injured.

Sep 2001, World Trade Center Attack, 2996 killed, 6000+ injured.

2009-2011, Fast & Furious, up to 200 killed, 400+ injured

Sep 2011, Benghazi Consulate attack, 4 killed, 12 injured.

Apr 2013, Boston Terror Attack, 4 killed, 200+ injured

In all less than 20 years, 6 incidents, 3400+ killed, 10,000+ injured, how many politicians and or their appointees were fired, charged, convicted, or punished?  ZERO, none, not one.  Why is that?  Doesn’t American law apply to our political leaders?

I am confident in our appraisal that not one politico parasite will be punished for the current DC scandals.  No one will go to jail, no one will be fired (Steven Miller aside, who resigned a month early [assessment:  Career Impediment:  Negligible].

Golly Gee Whiz, I should have gone into government service, I could have been ROAD (retired on active duty), hell I could be dangerously incompetent and still retire with a pension worth more than most people make working.


It is time for a change, our government should NEVER be above the law.  They should be scrutinized the public and punished for their transgressions.  My humble suggestion is a volunteer committee to oversee every level of government, every aspect of government, open to all citizens of the Republic, politicians need not apply, as a matter of fact no former politician should be allowed to serve on these oversight committees, and no committee member or former committee member can ever be elected to public office, so there is no conflict of interest.  This would require more people to become active in the affairs of the state, or a class of oversee-ers would develop.  To over-watch the oversee-ers, the public and the media would have to pay attention.

Perhaps this plan is to much for one to ask, with The Walking Dead, and Kim K, Paris Hilton, and Jay-Z, doing ‘stuff’ our Republic, this great experiment in Democracy is doomed to failure, we will lose our freedom not with a bang, but a whimper and an applause.


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