Friday Freakout (24 May 13)

Normally I use these Friday Freakouts to point out some irritating injustice in the world, at least that is my intent, but today’s is different, this is more of a series of angry questions.


1.  If the two terrorists were known by British Intelligence/Security why weren’t they under surveillance?  All of those CCTV that were supposed to make Britons safer, and they can’t follow two wingnuts?


2.  Why immediately after the attack, did the British government and media go into the whole “Watch out for the EDL?”  Who are these EDL people?  How many people have they killed?  Are they threatening to exterminate Muslims or something?


3.  Why was the government’s first reaction to ban the military from wearing uniforms off-base?


I find this entire situation horrendous. While I normally sleep well knowing that brave men and women like Drummer Rigby are standing vigil in the dark corners of the globe, I hate to even think that their lives would be threatened while at home, walking the streets of the capital, literally within sight of the Royal Artillery Barracks.  I also don’t understand why the police took 20 minutes to respond.  All this screams for a public Parliamentary investigation.

As far as the terrorists, I understand both men were subjects of the crown, of Nigerian descent, and at least one attended University of Greenwich (were he studied sociology), and a recent convert to Islam from Christianity (the religion of his parents).  Both were also shot by responding officers and are hospitalized in stable condition.  Two others (a male and a female) were arrested on the 23rd.




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