War Over!!!

I don’t know if you heard, but President Obama announced that the ‘War on Terror’ is over…yep you read that correctly…the ‘War on Terror’ is done, complete, finished.

Now before you go celebrating (I totally have a Victory Party on indefinite hold but that is another post) he did not say if we won.  Since the last terrorist attack against us occurred just last week, and there was no unconditional surrender on the part of our enemies…you can understand how I might be a little confused.

First a little history, usually wars came in one of two types, ‘total war’ or ‘limited war’, now a ‘total war’ (think World War II, were we refused all offers of surrender except an unconditional one, and they tend to be brutal, nasty, and long) requires the countries involved to go all out, things like instituting a draft, rationing food and other high-demand consumables, and basically putting the entire country on a ‘war-footing’ to motivate the population behind the war.  Limited wars, are significantly different, they tend to be shorter, if not any less brutal and nasty.  The primary difference occurs during the war, where the war only moderately or insignificantly affects one or more countries (no draft, no rationing etc).

In essence to have a total war, both sides have to be going all out, and will settle for nothing less than an unconditional surrender.  The ‘war on terror’ has never been that.  Like all the wars that the US and the UK have engaged in since World War II, the ‘War on Terror’ has been a limited war, with limited objectives, limited resources expended (massive as those resources are), and of course limited success.

Obviously none of the historical facts have much bearing on the fact, that while we may call an end to the ‘War on Terror’ that does not mean that our enemies will pack up and go home, quite the contrary, ending the ‘war on terror’ without even giving a recent and memorable ‘black eye’ will only embolden them.  We had a couple of opportunities to end the war on better terms, after the initial ousting of Al Qaeda and the Taliban from Afghanistan in 01-02, and the surrender of Saddam Hussein’s forces in 03, the smashing success of the surge, all would have been better times to call a victory and end the war, but no we let those success be fleeting, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, allowing the war to drag on and on, for no good purpose, we did not hunt down our enemies like we should have, hounding them to the ends of the earth.

So were does that leave us?  No safer now then we were on…

26 Feb 1993 (1st attack on WTC)

7 Aug 1998 (Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya)

12 Oct 2000 (USS Cole)

11 Sep 2001 (WTC)

12 Oct 2002 (Bali bombings)

7 Jul 2005 (London)

21 Jul 2005 (London)

29 Jun 2007 (London)

30 Jun 2007 (Glasgow)

22 May 2013 (London)


I guess President Obama is busy CYA-ing after illegally harassing his political opponents, journalists, and any one else who bugs him…I guess he is getting advise from Uncle Joe, Stalin, not Biden.


What are your thoughts?


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