For All the Dog Lovers

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel


I was meandering about reddit, and found this awesome picture, so I decided to share it.


  1. Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:
    Aww … I couldn’t resist. When our kids were little, we had a phenomenal Labrador Retriever and we have several photos of her “baby sitting”, but we never got one as good as this. Great dog doing a great job!


      1. Ours was terrified of moose. Alaska huskies harass moose, but our Lab had seen a dog kicked to death when she was a pup, so whenever she saw one, she’d cower behind us. One day, as we headed out for a hike, I was putting our son in his baby backpack and she was “watching my back” while my husband and daughter were across the meadow looking at something. A moose came charging out of treeline at full speed. My husband grabbed our daughter and put her behind him — as if that would have done any good at all. I was trying to hold the baby in one arm and get the 357 out of the holster in the bed of the truck with the other hand when Cana sprang into action. All 90 pounds of her charged across that meadow, roaring like she planned to eviscerate that moose. They got to within five feet of my husband and daughter and Cana was there, refusing to back up and every fiber of her being said she ate moose for breakfast every morning. The moose swerved. Cana chased it back into the woods. She returned to my husband’s side … and urinated all over the ground. She had PTSD symptoms on and off through the entire hike, bouts of quaking relieved only by being told that she was a great dog, as if remembering what she’d done and thinking “What the heck was I thinking?”

        Yeah, you got to love a dog that will go against her strongest instincts to protect her people.


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