On This Day In History…




1523 — Gustav Vasa, is elected King of Sweden (Swedish national day)

1752 — A severe fire, burns down 1/3 of the buildings in Moscow (Russia)

1912 — Novarupta erupts, the 2nd largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century (Ak)

1918 — Battle of Belleau Wood (France)

1932 — Revenue Act of 1932, the first gasoline tax in the US

1933 — The first drive-in theater (Camden, NJ)

1944 — Battle of Normandy (France)

1981 — Bihar train disaster (India)

1984 — Tetris, released (due diligence conducted :D)


A lot of nasty things (wars, natural and otherwise disasters, and of course taxes), but King Gustav became king, elected no less, an addictive game was released, and of course drive-ins, so the day could definitely be worse.

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