Friday Freakout (7 Jun 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


Todays Friday Freakout, consists of some of the things that irritate me…


Why whenever some douche-bag terrorist commits some act of terrorism, do herds of people rush out to tell us, John Q. Public, that it is not all Muslims, but only an extreme few?  Assuming we forget the fact that the average person, does NOT run people down, then jump out of their vehicle with a very large cutting implement to attempt to remove the head of their victim, we kinda get that not all Muslims do that.  DUH.  I still don’t want to here about it, from some whiny liberal prick, who has never left the country.


When some gets killed with a gun, statists always have to talk about how gun control would have saved their life.  Where the hell are they when there is a car accident?  People killed by bullets are more valuable than those run over by automobiles?


We all know that politicians are corrupt, normal people don’t look at politics and think to themselves “hey, that looks like fun, dealing with lawyers, politicians, media whores, and general cling-ons”  [Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, top of our list of things to do, right up there with wrestling a bear, kissing a cobra, and getting in the general vicinity of Kei$ha], still I think all politicians who are caught should be jailed or shot, something severe no more retirements in disgrace, because I don’t think the lads at the country club give a shit about their disgrace.


If you are offended by this post, sucks to be you, I’m in pain today, and rather grouchy.  My puppy is still running about with an e-collar on (which in case you don’t know is not a cool electronic device, nooo it is a cone, and it looks like it really sucks to have on, poor baby, photo later).



a cartoon for your viewing pleasure

How I feel today

How I feel today

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