Tuesday Thoughts


A couple of random thoughts……


— I was roaming the internet, checking out things, and I came across this….Chonakai (a Japanese community of citizens or neighborhood association), that does the following…neighborhood security [esp during emergencies], waste management, aid to the elderly and disabled, aid in times of crises, such as a death in the family, fire, etc…why don’t we have something like that here?  I could see FEMA money going to support that type of organization.


— After tasting the addicting succulent ambrosia that is unhindered intelligence, the intelligence services here in America will have a tough time giving it all up, assuming such a thing is even possible.



— On the subject of intelligence, if we want an intelligence service with unhindered access to all our dirty little secrets, I suggest a monastery type of organization, we could call it The Monastery of the All Seeing Eyes, a person would have to give up all their worldly possessions in order to join, and one could never leave, granted not a big attraction, but I think it would work.  These people would be in the intel business for the intel not for politics.



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