Wednesday Thoughts (19 Jun 13)

For those of you who have been paying attention, here in America, our elected representatives have gone from a slow creeping power grab to one great white shark size bite after another at our freedoms.  While some people will undoubtedly blame this on one political party or the other, the truth be told, both have not only been complicit in the loss of our freedoms, both have lied in order to protect the other from their nefarious deeds from seeing the light of day.  While the people of Brazil, Turkey, and Bulgaria are in the streets fighting to keep their freedoms, here in America, our government has violated the very basis of American law, the Constitution.  Journalists have had their phones, computers, and other electronic devices tapped, freedom loving political opponents have been harassed by the tax man, political correctness has caused the average American to walk about in a haze akin to the great fogs London.


Since 9/11/01, we the American people have given up substantial portions of our freedom, for more safety and security, yet less than 2 months ago, 2 young incompetent idiots were able to bomb one of the most theoretically secure sites in America, the Boston Marathon.  How is this possible?

During the Roman Empire and Republic the people were most terrified of ‘barbarians at the gate’, we should be terrified of Idiots in the Towers.  No country can match our brave soldiers, sailors, marines, and air force in combat, so we have no need to fear barbarians at the gates, but our own political class, the people who are the hustlers, pimps, drug dealers, and con artists who have excelled in their sordid deeds.  Instead of electing men and women of honor and  integrity, we elect those we should jail.

What are we to do?  Hit the streets like the people of Turkey, Brazil, and Bulgaria.  We should then take our very own idiots in the towers and repeat the events of 60 years ago on this very day, the Rosenberg executions.  Ethel and Julian were executed for spying for the Soviet Union, convicted of treason.  Treason the very same deed committed by our idiots in the towers.  Well perhaps not selling atomic secrets to the Soviets, but betraying the best interests of the country.

I leave you with a picture of Turkey’s standing man…


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