Thursday Thoughts (27 Jun 13)

Here are a couple of thoughts for today….


– President Obama announced the other day (Tuesday) that the Keystone XL pipeline should not be built if it will increase greenhouse gas emissions.  Great, assuming the big guy will pay for my gas (out of his pocket not mine or yours), seeing as he is worth upwards of $12 million, he can afford to pay $5/gallon or $10/gallon, I however cannot.  What about climate change, you say.  Hey, I love the environment, but let’s be honest here, climate change proponents are the false prophets of the modern world, their followers break down into the flat-earthers (irrational believers) and Kim K (too dumb to know better) types.  Anyone who has done even the most cursory study of climate can easily see through the BS that climatologists banter about to get more government and/or business grants to fund their lifestyle and their ‘research’.


– Texas executed the 500th person since the 1976 Supreme Court decision to allow capital punishments again.  Kimberly LaGayle McCarthy killed and robbed Dorothy Booth (age 71) in 1997, and is the prime suspect in two other murders.  Ms McCarthy was formerly married to New Black Panthers co-founder Aaron Michaels.  Her last words, “God is great”.



– Rich, good-looking, young, famous, former star tight end for the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, was arrested yesterday and charged with murder.  Hernandez who was a problem child in college fell to the fourth round in the 2010 NFL draft, and signed a contract with a small ($200k) signing bonus (compared to 2006 New England 4th rounder Stephen Gostkowski’s $400k) but loaded with roster and workout bonuses that could have escalated his 4 year contract by $700k, if he had walked the straight and narrow.  Something that he was completely unable to do, even after the birth of his child in November.  The Patriots cut Hernandez hours after his arrest.  Don’t expect to see Hernandez playing in the NFL anytime soon, even if he is cleared of all charges (which is highly unlikely).





  1. A picture of an area of the roaming the internet; it shows a forested area that in today’s photos is all concrete and buildings. A ‘before and after’ scene. No doubt it shows a changed environment! It also shows human progress. Seems to me, a lot of our modern Luddites can’t be happy until we send humanity back to the trees and demolish the cities to do it…


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