MORE “Legal” Transformation of America )and Loss of Liberty)

The Rio Norte Line


In Keeping with Utah’s idea of re-blogging stories from other blog sites, I am re-blogging this one because it illustrates how our courts and government are being used to undermine our system of government and culture:

MICHIGAN: On its way to becoming the first Islamic sharia-compliant state in America

PLEASE, read this blog post.  Then understand this: SHARIA IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE U.S. CONSTITUTION (or that of any of the States).  Sharia is not compatible with the principles and ideals of individual rights and liberty.  Sharia IS theocratic rule — exactly what the Left “claims” to oppose.  So, why are so many on the Left helping to push Sharia in our nation?

When it becomes State/National/government policy, the support for Sharia in our society amounts to subversion.  Now, ask yourself why so many people connected to CAIR are also connected to the Obama Administration?  And remember, the U.S…

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