Day: July 5, 2013

Friday Freakout (5 Jul 13)



Before we begin our weekly freakout, I want to send a congratulations out to the Egyptian military, you have honored your oath to the Egyptian people by ousting an undemocratic megalomaniac.  (on a related note, Türk Kara Kuvvetleri [Turkish Army], I hope you were paying attention and yes that is a hint).


I am rather disappointed in the sheer audacity of President Obama, I get it, all politicians lie, and most are quite accomplished liars, but this guy….If he says I would never poke you in the eye, you best get safety glasses on, because guaranteed he is going to stick his finger in your eye, probably both eyes.


You remember when during the 2008 campaign how he promised to have the most open and transparent administration in history.  A tall order to be sure, and to be honest, not one we really expected, but this admin, wow, we are talking some Soviet style secrecy, but…should we really be surprised when a guy who has no command experience becomes the commander in chief, bad things are going to happen.  Community organizing is no replacement for being an actual leader.


You remember how this Administration said the whole world would love us?  A change of our attitude, would bear the fruits of world love.  yeah, that ain’t happening.  Most people expect those with power to use their power, with the US, we should be using that power for good, not wringing our hands, and asking like some school boy asking a girl to prom.  I think he should be as ruthless with our enemies as he is with those who oppose him inside of America.



This administration has numerous times stated their support of the so called ‘Arab Spring’, but I guess you got one shot to get it correct because the administration was quite upset that the Egyptian military ousted the petty dictator, who grabbed power.  I am assuming that there are scared if that coup is a premonition of events in Turkey, or even closer to home.



I hope you have a good weekend, please be safe, and come back soon.   By the way if you are bored, and always wanted to know what it was like to command a tank in world war 2, check out World of Tanks, an awesome game.  Tons of fun, and if you see someone named dakwolf, say ‘Hi’.