Day: July 16, 2013

Army Ranger rescues woman trapped in burning apartment

Courtesy of:  Fellowship of the Minds.  (Great website, BTW, check it out)

Army Ranger rescues woman trapped in burning apartment.

Yesterday, we awarded this month’s Wolfprint Award, we stand by that, but we add, Marcus Taylor is without a doubt, a hero.  Here at Dak’s Bays we are nothing if not adaptable, so with that thought, we have decided to make the Wolfprint Award an “as needed” award versus a monthly award, as incidents of heroism should be praised and rewarded (if one considers a Blogger’s Award a reward, nevertheless it is given with genuine admiration) whenever they occur, without any constraints.

The Wolf Print Award

The Wolf Print Award

Congratulations Mr. Marcus Taylor, you are an inspiration to us all, you bring great credit on yourself, the US Army, and the entire country with your brave, selfless actions, Keep up the Great Work.