Humpday History (17 Jul 13)



Humpday History for 17 July 2013,

on this day in history

-1762- Catherine the Great ascends to the throne as Czarina of Russia.

-1918- Czar Nicolas I of Russia, his wife and children were murdered by Russian      communists.

-1945- Potsdam Conference opens, attended by Churchill/Attlee (UK), Stalin (USSR), and Truman (USA).

-1955- Disneyland opens.

-1975- Apollo-Soyuz spacecraft dock somewhere over Metz, France.


So a quick recap, a strong monarch ascends the Russian throne, later a weak one is murdered, then the cold war starts, a huge amusement park opens, and the cold war continues (in space), so a busy day in history.


For more history (and better) check out History Kicks Ass!  A great website with tons of fascinating material.  The past couple of days have been on jewelry from history and the pictures are amazing, so if you have some time, you should head over there and learn that History does kick ass!




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