Saturday Sark (20 Jul 13)

Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday



Yesterday our esteemed President, had an unannounced press conference where in his infinite wisdom, he decided to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman debacle.

Without much surprise the President spoke on being accountable to oneself, maintaining your honor, and the “Golden Rule”.  He also spoke on the importance of a nuclear family (aka a family with a mom, a dad, and children, shocking I know).  He went on to remind the audience that government was not the solution to their problems, they already had the solution:  Hard work, Honor, and Integrity.  He ripped democrats for keeping poor people on public assistance to pad their votes, instead of helping people become independent.  He than ripped republicans for putting business above helping their fellow citizens.


If you were shocked you should have seen, Senator Harry Reid (D, Nv) he literally broke down in tears, threw himself at the President’s feet, and begged to put out of his misery, unfortunately for us, the President took pity on him, and spared his life, but did force old Harry into retirement.  Telling the ancient dinosaur that his time had passed.  The last we saw of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was her running from the press conference, in a full on panic attack, (and no, it was not us who tripped her, we are pretty sure it was Representative Ted Cruz [we love you, Ted]).


News out of Statist Central (Detroit)….They are broke.  Well not the politicians, who are obscenely wealthy from your tax dollars, no the city is broke.  Luckily we have the highly educated and logical Melissa Harris-Perry, who clearly stated that the Detroit’s problem was the fact that all that money was spent by a tiny city government instead of a great big ass city government, because as we all know bigger governments spend money sooo much slower than tiny governments.  BTW a small government in Ms Harris-Perry’s mind is….wait for it…13,000 plus, yes that would be for a city of 700,000.  I guess with an official unemployment rate of 40%, you need all those city jobs, sucking up the taxes…What could go wrong?  Good Call, Melissa, you are the bees knees.


Have a great weekend, Be Safe, and if you hear something that sounds stupid or too good, it probably is.


Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday

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