Day: July 23, 2013

Tuesday Topics of Conversation (23 Jul 13)

Some random topics of conversation for you….

– In Japan, dozens of commuters helped push a train enough so a woman trapped between the train and the platform could free herself.  Bravo, people, that is how we should all act in times of crises, Help each other out.


The Rescue in Progress

The Rescue in Progress


– The Pope is currently visiting Brazil, even though there is severe public disturbances, mostly people upset with the socialist government policies that are damaging the economy, the environment, and the freedom they wish to enjoy.


– Cleveland, Ohio is in the news again, you remember Cleveland, the once great city where life was good, well sadly now Cleveland is a nasty, dangerous place to be, if you recall Cleveland was home to Ariel Castro, the man who held the young ladies hostage for years, to say little of their rape, forced abortions, and torture.  Well this week another man was arrested for the murder of 3 more young ladies.

Any minute now the President will have a news conference on these incidents, after all he has daughters, who could have been victims.  I imagine there will be demands for justice in these cases, led by Al Sharpton et al.  [Sark Alert]


– Speaking of our illustrious leader, I understand that he is just about to stop stirring the pot of racial hatred that Revered Sharpton is attempting to serve the American people, and turn his attention to something else he can screw up.  With his efforts in Libya (Benghazi), with the IRS, with the NSA, Obama Care, our National reputation, the National debt and deficit, the soon to come Syrian issue, Iran, North Korea, Gun Control, his birth certificate clusterfuck, his no-nothing appointments, his own ‘I found out on the news’ ignorance (am I missing anything?), I’m not sure where his gaze will turn next, [RumInt: the Middle Class, so be advised], but rest assured, that it will no doubt turn out peaches and cream, at least according to Chris “Leg Thrill” Matthews, Hillary “It takes a Village (fool)” Clinton, and/or Melissa “Detroit Failed because Government could drown in your bathtub” Harris-Perry.


In any case, I’m grouchy and in pain today, so have a nice day, and be safe.