Sark Saturday (27 Jul 13)



Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference with his favorite media courtesans, this is a brief summary of what he discussed.


Earlier this week I was castigated by certain ‘right wing’ personalities, when I compared Ho Chi Minh to Thomas Jefferson, but I have you know, that everything I said was the absolute truth-ish.

Not only was Uncle Ho, much like Tommy J, but my personal hero, Nero was a lot like George Washington, “The Original W”.

What do I mean, well W cut down a cherry tree, right?  Nero, burned down Rome.

Yea, you are feeling that, huh?  Them 2 are like peas in a pod.

W did it, and Nero knew he would, so my boy beat him to the punch by 1700 years.  Take that liberty-lovers.

Not only did Nero burn down Rome, he played a fiddle while doing it.  Beat that (Ted) Cruz.

So, while you have all been chasing the ‘Phony’ [or not so phony] scandals with Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, you have missed the forest for all the trees.  I’ve been burning down America, yea, not so easy, but I am well on my way.

Check it out:

Economy:  Burned down

International Respect:  Toasted

Fair and Free Elections:  Gone

Debt:  Blown the F… Up

Detroit:  Trashed

Chicago:  Demolished

Health Care:  It’s burning

the Military:  devastated

The Constitution:  Ashes

Your Savings:  Dust

and I have 3 more years left…so expect more of the same,

I have the Middle Class in my sights,

Texas I have to crush,

Oil burns sweet so you know I have to,

Coal you know I am going to,

Nuclear don’t make me laugh

anything left, Hillary will get when we steal the 2016 elections.


Anyway back to something far more interesting….ME.

I want you all to know that all these ‘fake’, umm ahhh ‘false’, no that’s not it, mmm, oh yea, ‘Phony’ Scandals you really should not follow, nothing to see there or here, giggle, just go back to talking about Kanye and Kimmy, and who can forget, North.

Who needs freedom anyway?  Especially when you can talk about how great I am.  Right?

Matthews, where you at?  Tell them about your tingling leg.

Jay C, hit it….[music] Remember if you impeach me…..I have 2 words for you:


Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Yea, Beeeyatches

You think I choose the dumbest man in the history of the world for no reason??

Chew on that, Boner er Boehner.




How was that Ms. Valerie, Count Soros?  I mentioned everything you told me to, even the ‘phony’ scandal stuff.  The mic is still on?  Oh sorry.


Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday


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