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Sark Saturday (31 Aug 13)

Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday


For today’s Sark Saturday…..


What a difference a decade makes, I must be aging poorly, I think I remember ‘huge’ numbers of people (well mostly liberal politicians, actors, entertainers, and other such luminaries making quite about of hay out of the whole going to war with Iraq thing.  Oddly all those doves are now singing the warhawk song, and the Hawks from Iraq are singing lovely peace songs.


Now I’m not one prone to sarcasm, OK, I totally love sarcasm, but….

Isn’t it absolutely amazing how a guy who never served in the military let alone combat, has decided to use the military to the very same things he criticized his predecessor for doing, supported by the same people who criticized the predecessor for not serving in combat (although he did serve in the military), yet they are silent on the current guys lack of ‘military credentials’.  To say nothing of those same supporters who threatened said predecessor with impeachment if he didn’t receive congressional approval and UN sanction, yet are perfectly happy with letting the current President ‘go it alone’.  Let’s also not forget all of those peace protesters who so far as buy or rent a piece of property next to the former President’s ranch so they could protest the war, yet ……crickets chirping……..and don’t even get me started on the other side of the aisle.  Warmongering snots who were all for going to war then, are now using their better judgement?  I do hope it is because they learned a lesson, as opposed to more political BS, but…..politicians are politicians.


If you think I’m being too harsh, let’s look at a couple of facts….

First we aren’t even sure if Assad and his boys were the ones who slimed all those civvies, let’s be honest, Assad is not above that but neither are his enemies.

Second, as nasty as using chemical weapons on civilians is, is that a good reason to send American boys and girls over to that (self-made) dung heap of a country?

Third, to paraphrase our former sec of state, What difference does it make (as in a couple of tomahawks)?  or an airstrike?  Without boots on the ground….and yes CIA and special forces still count as boots on the ground, Assad (making the very large assumption that he was responsible) won’t change a thing, but Russia will send more weapons and maybe even advisers, China could start dumping US bonds, etc etc etc.  For what reason exactly, does Syria pose a threat to the US?  no.  What about a Syrian threat to our allies in the region?  ummm No, Turkey could mop the floor with Syria, so could Israel, Jordan might have a decent fight on its hands but probably not, Iraq could slap Syria around like a red-headed step-child, and well poor Lebanon has had to deal with big brother Syria beat downs before.

Now the nasty rumor going around is that the President wants just enough of an attack not to be mocked.  I’m not real sure what that level is, a dozen tomahawks, maybe 15 tomahawks, 15 is a good number for tomahawks, 15 let’s the world know…”Hey I have long-range GPS-guided missiles and I am not afraid to use them.  Don’t mess with me, because I have more.  Yea, what are you going to do now?  So come at me, bro.”

Well I’m pretty sure, old Putin will mock him anyway, and I will mock him, because it will be funny-ish.


Are Liberal/Progressives Crazy: False Consciousness in the Reign of King Barack

The Rio Norte Line

About six-years ago, during one of my occasional inter-marital periods, I found myself at a nice restaurant in LA, enjoying what I hoped would be a pleasant dinner and the beginning of an even more enjoyable evening.  My hosts for the evening were two very attractive female, doctorally-qualified Social Science professors, and the husband of the one I was meeting for the first time, who was a partner in a law or accounting or consulting firm.  I don’t have a clear memory of the gentleman, since I usually don’t remember other men, and that night the two woman professors were far more interesting.  My date for the evening was a beautiful woman with whom I had shared a bad case of “the hots” since my senior year in college, and my plan for the present, also shared I think, was to make up for lost time.  As the evening began…

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Friday Freakout (30 Aug 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


For today’s Friday Freakout, I want to talk about…..


The state of our country.


So we are clear, I’m not delusional I don’t think that one it is possible to go back in time, nor do I think there was some mythical time in American history were everything was all wine and roses.  I do think that we have the ability to achieve what many people believe America can become.  Make no mistake, America is already the best country to live in, hence why so many people so desperately want to come here.  Although let’s be honest, we are not what we used to be.

I could discuss our government spying on us, the corrupt idiots we elect, the heartless judges who care more about criminals than victims, the jackasses who have a badge who think they are fighting a war rather than protecting and serving, the morons who think others owe them this or that, the Jay Carney’s of the world who have never seen a lie they haven’t told, the Eric Holder’s who don’t care a lick about the law unless it can be twisted up to support what they want to do, the politicians who take and do their best to destroy everything good about America.  I could go on for pages and pages, but I won’t.

Now I don’t mean to pick on anyone in particular but I do have to point out the base problem with our modern American society, Allison Benedikt, wrote a short little piece over at Slate, about Private School vs. Public School education, you should read it, if for no other reason then to understand what idiots think.  Now I am holding out that Ms. Benedikt was being sarcastic and maybe I missed it, but…probably not.

If you are too busy or just can’t stomach more liberal drivel I will summarize, if you don’t send your children to public schools even if they are substandard, you are a bad person, not murderer bad, but still pretty bad.  To Ms. Benedikt’s credit, she doesn’t want to ban private schools (at least not yet), she does feel that we should all just suck it up, and send our children to substandard schools for no other reason then to hold out hope that by some sort of miracle that one day in the future those schools will just magically improve.  (I do wonder if Ms. Benedikt is a religious person, because that really stretches my whole belief system beyond the breaking point).

Ms. Benedikt feels “Your children and grandchildren might get mediocre educations in the meantime, but it will be worth it, for the eventual common good.”  WOW, OK, so magically, someone will come along and teach our great-grandchildren better than mediocre.


Well golly gee whiz, we have been screwing things up since….well…forever…there was no need to Declare our Independence from Britain, or banning the slave trade, or freeing the slaves, no need for the civil rights movement, no need if we just could have held out for a few generations, some magic shit would occur and everything would be peaches and cream.  (and yes that was sarcasm).

Ms. Benedikt claims to have gone to public schools, and that by itself should be grounds enough for everyone to do everything in their power to send their children to private school.  Seriously.  Her complete and total lack of any type of critical thinking is totally mind-boggling, assuming she is sincere in her words.  Call me cynical but I suspect that Ms. Benedikt is nothing more than a statist mouth piece, spouting more statist bullshit propaganda.


That being said…one good point Ms. Benedikt did make is for parents to be involved in their children’s education.



Thursday Thoughts (29 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few of my thoughts for today, Thursday, the 29th of August 2013….


— Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it is pathetic how the organizers turned what should have been a wondrous event celebrating the greatness of America, the turning point in a very nasty part of our history, and the inspirational words of one of the greatest Americans into a petty political whine fest.

This dishonors the millions who supported the civil rights movement, the thousands who were beaten and jailed and the hundreds who were murdered, including but not at all limited to Dr. King.

Where was the only serving American of African descent on the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas (only the 2nd in the entire history of the Supreme Court)?

Where was the only serving American of African descent in the US Senate, Tim Scott (one of only eight, ever)?

Where was Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell the only two Secetary of State, who were of African descent?

I failed to see Dr. King’s own niece, Reverend Alveda King, I wonder why.

How many times was the name Travyon Martin mentioned as if he was some martyr who died for a greater cause instead of his lack of discipline, lack of proper role models as parents, and because he bought into a tragic victim-hood/thug mentality that Dr. King would have been horrified to see.

It truly breaks my heart to see what has become of the legacy of this great man, especially by so many who claim to have known him, they may have been around him, been related to him, even been his friends, but they did not know Dr. King’s heart.


— Where are the anti-war protesters?  Where is Code Pink?  President Obama is about to launch an attack against Syria (seemingly at the command of the Saudi King).  If he does that then he has started the same number of wars as that ‘warmonger’ George W. Bush.  Just saying.

Stacey Dash

— If you have a twitter account, you should check out Stacey Dash’s feed.  She isn’t just another pretty face, but she has some serious thoughts and she has provoked more then her fair share of idiot haters.  Yesterday she was tweeting MLK quotes, and, well the idiots came out of the woodwork or should I say out from under their rocks.  So give her your support.