Friday Freakout (2 Aug 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout











For today’s Friday Freakout, I want to talk…


to women out there, who have 4 kids by 3 different men, none of which you are currently living with…

and the men who flit from one young lady to another, impregnate them, and move on….

Understand a couple of things,

children raised in a one parent household are far more likely to fail classes,

drop out of school,

try drugs,

become addicted to drugs,

commit crimes,

get arrested,

get imprisoned,

or get murdered.


Do you know why?

Because the children grow up with out a good male role model,

also known as a father,




those same children also grew up without a good female role model, aka a mother.


Simply hooking up with the wrong guy once…OK we all make mistakes

twice…Your squeezing the Benefit of the doubt thing pretty hard

3 times…OK,.. I..will..speak..slowly

4 times or more…you are in need of some serious help


so princess, pull your head out of your posterior and start thinking,

if a dude already has multiple kids with multiple women,


this is very simple,

You have babies, so take care of them properly,

propping the kids in front of the TV is not parenting, it is neglect,

dinner should not be ramen

texting/facebooking/im-ing/etc should not be more important than talking to your children,

beyond that, act appropriately for a mother, not a cool mom, not their friend,



For the boys I referenced above….

Before you twinkies think about putting your mini-mes in anyone, think about the possible consequences of your 4.6 seconds of pleasure.  Besides the financial obligations you have moral obligations to your offspring, in other words you made the ugly thing, now be proud of it, help raise it, help mold it in to a moral adult.  Doing anything less, means you are a dirt bag, and in desperate need of a good old-fashioned ass kicking.



your actions have consequences,

those consequences will have an effect on your children,

children learn by imitating their parents,

if you act like an idiot,

your children will act like idiots.


That is all I have for today, Be Safe, Don’t Drink and Drive




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