Monday Morning Quarterbacking (12 Aug 13)

Monday Morning QBing

Monday Morning QBing



Good Afternoon Sports Fans,

If you are here for sports, I am sorry to tell you, that today’s post is not about sports but about a few questions that have been bouncing around my head for the last 11 months.  So here it goes:

On 11 Sep 2012, we knew that day is the 11 anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, shouldn’t have all US facilities in high threat level areas been on high alert?  One assumes that a country engaged in a civil war, with a healthy dose of Islamic extremists running around armed to the teeth, would constitute a high threat level area.

If there was a high alert status, in Libya on 11 Sep 2012, why was OUR ambassador at the Benghazi consulate, which did not meet the minimum security thresholds for a consulate to say nothing of an embassy.  Ambassadors stay at embassies, consul generals stay at consulates.  I least that is how I understand the whole thing, maybe I am just confused.

If the consulate came under sustained attack at approximately 2140, word was passed by telephone, teletype, and e-mail to the State Department, where was help?  [How much would that suck if you were under fire, trying to hold out for ‘the cavalry’ and the cavalry never even left the fort?]

On the note of help, We don’t have a force/unit ready to move out at ‘a moment’s notice’?  Or at least in the 6 hours between the initial attack on the consulate and the secondary attack on the CIA annex.  If we don’t which I am to say the least quite dubious of, we need one, uh DUH, I shouldn’t have to be the one stating that.


If forces were available why were they not aiding our people who were under attack?  The lame-ass excuse that we didn’t know what was going on at ground level is total BS, it was combat if you are waiting for clarification, you will get it, once the war is over and the historians start writing about it.  Why were US Forces not intervening in the battle?  [this includes the rumors that are swirling about there was not 1 but 2 UAVs overhead and at least 1 of these were the armed predator type UAVs]

After the brave actions of civilian contractors in rescuing the remaining US personnel in the CIA annex, an immediate investigation should have been initiated.  FBI agents did not hit the ground in Benghazi for more than 2 weeks, How much vital information was lost in that time?  Why were the sites not secured?  Are you trying to tell us that the US Marine Corps could not have secured the entire city of Benghazi in 2 weeks time?

Why did UN Ambassador Susan Rice go on 5 Sunday news shows and claim incorrectly that the attack was caused by some archaic film on YouTube?  As if in some way, shape, and or form that matters, in the slightest.

I’m not going to get into the debate on whether the words ‘an act of terror’ means the same thing as a ‘terrorist attack’, since tbh that is total BS, stupid lawyer BS, we all know what was implied, and if one of the allegedly worlds greatest orators can’t make himself clear that would be on him.

It has been almost a year, and where are we?  No one has been arrested for the attacks, Hell the FBI only released pictures of the suspects in May of this year.  So much for justice for those victims.

Just a few thoughts on this hot Monday summer day.  BTW I know it is not actually morning, at least here, but it is a Monday 😀


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