The First Rule Of Black Racism Club…

The Rio Norte Line

…is that we don’t talk about Black Racism Club.

I’m going to borrow a very good question from commenter “melfamy” on a prior post that serves to sum up my angst and introduce what comes after:

Joking aside, in what way does advocating for the stampeding of George Bush to death advance Colored People?

I think he asks this in rhetorical form because it is pretty obvious – the answer is “nothing”.

I personally have been called a racist and a bigot many times. I chronicled the first time that it happened in my public blogging/commenting career here. The thing about a charge like this is that it depends on what the meaning of racism really is. Today, it means almost anything that is politically expedient for a liberal. John Hawkins has a great post at TownHall on this called “11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America”…

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