Thursday Thoughts (15 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


A few thoughts for today, Thursday the 15th of August 2013.


Have you heard about the witch hunt persecution of the Missourian rodeo clown (seriously how dumb does that sentence sound?  I mean people are upset because of what a clown said?  Seriously?  He’s a CLOWN.  You know a CLOWN?).

a rodeo CLOWN

a rodeo CLOWN

Was this clown disrespectful of the president?

Yes.  Yes he was.

Should he have been fired, and banned for life from the Missouri State Fair?

NO he is a CLOWN!!  Seriously a clown.

I’m not going to sit here and remind everyone of all the disrespectful thing that other people have said about other presidents over the years, I don’t have to, this is America.  We disrespect our presidents, our senators, our governors, basically anyone in power.

It’s what we do, it is as American as apple pie and football.

If you don’t like it, don’t elect a president, elect a ‘Dear Leader’, General Secretary, or whatever.

I for one will continue to make moderately amusing jokes about the president and anyone else in power who decides to act like an asshat.

It is my constitutional right, and I LOVE IT!



On a separate chain of thought, What is up with the police?

Is the cool thing to have an armored vehicle for your department even if you are the Mayberry PD?

A police vehicle??

A police vehicle??

Seriously, a couple of things here…

while I hate to tell anyone how to do their jobs…

here it goes…

if you are really worried about the safety of your officers,

then get your officers out of the office,

and out of their vehicles

and in the streets,


and schools,

get to know the people in your neighborhoods,

let them get to know you,

break down that wall that separates the police from the citizen.

As it stands now,

you are just a person in a uniform that is not with them.

You are the ENEMY.

All the armor in the world won’t protect you from the unknown.

Nothing is as valuable as local knowledge,

knowing that old man Jones is disabled,

that the Johnson dog can’t see well at night,

Grandma Phillips is a heavy sleeper,

Mrs. Williams is the local busy body and knows everything about everyone,

the Wilson kid has light fingers,

the Addams boy likes to fight but is a good kid,

if you know the people the people will share their knowledge with you,

pre-informed is prepared

and preparation beats a lightly armored vehicle any day of the week.

This is a face you can trust.

This is a face you can trust.


Do these guys look like the good guys?

Do these guys look like the good guys?




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