Friday Freakout (16 Aug 13)


Good Friday, Fellow Seekers of Knowledge,

For today’s edition of Friday Freakout, I want to talk about the old tale of the boy who cried wolf.  In case you haven’t heard it, I shall not bore you with my version, but guide you to an animated version on youtube…


Now no doubt you are asking yourself, what does this have to do with today’s Friday freakout?


Well here is what it has to do with it…

In the past few weeks (months and years) we have seen numerous examples of people crying ‘Wolf’ over various things, but what I particularly am referring to is the whole Global Climate Change Issue (formerly known as Global Warming, I wonder if they will eventually just make up a symbol and call it The Issue Formally Known as Global Warming, I mean if it is cool enough for Prince, who can really argue).


Now while I consider my self a strong proponent of taking care of the environment, I do not feel that the entire Climate Change Conundrum is in any way beneficial to taking care of the environment.  I mean let’s look at this for a second, no doubt you have heard politicians from President Obama to Secretary of State Kerry to Climate King Al “Internet Inventor, NOT” Gore, that 2010 was the Hottest Year on Record.  Well it was, kind of, well, not really, unless you squint really hard, and ignore any semblance of accuracy or actual meaning. Logic dictates that that statement is way too ambiguous to have any real meaning, even if it had real meaning, which even according to the scientists who use, it really doesn’t, since the differences in temperatures between years is less then a degree (Fahrenheit).


With all of that said, what is going to happen when [more] people realize some of the biggest supporters of the whole Global Warming claim are the very same people who have the most to gain from any legislation and efforts to ‘help’ fight global warming?

e.g. (exempli gratia):  A certain very large corporation who has been dumping money into spreading the warnings about global warming, just so happens to produce the light bulb (which oddly enough is filled with highly toxic mercury, which is proven to be very bad for the environment) that is touted to be a major help in fighting global warming, instead of LEDs which are actually better for the environment by the very same standards they use to compare the old bulbs with their bulbs, without the mercury.  Even Climate King Al Gore himself is raking in the big bucks flying around the world warning everyone who will listen about the dangers of using fossil fuels.


So what happens when this Climate change thing fully fails?  The average person will be that much more skeptical about actual environmental damage caused by corporations like the one I mentioned above.


Climate change is not the only Wolf yell, that the statists are screaming at the moment.

No, emotional appeals are the harbinger of statist repression.  Every time some statist government wanted to do some nasty deed or another, they screamed and yelled and had their courtesans in the media echo their emotional appeals to rally the people to their dubious causes.


Maybe I just have a semi-permanent headache, and I am tired of all the screaming, or maybe I just don’t have the emotions of a 13-year-old.

In any case, let us use a little logic in our analysis of some of these crazy screams about the sky falling, before we go in to full panic mode.


We can panic once we have the situation under control,

more time to drink then.  😀





Have a great weekend, take care of yourselves, and remember…

Don’t Drink and Drive.


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