Sunday Contemplation (18 Aug 13)


In place of today’s Sunday Contemplation, I would like to tell you about a dream I had last night.  Now I don’t normally talk about my dreams, as I feel my dreams are a very private and personal part of me, but this dream was an exception, I don’t know why, perhaps it was the horror and anguish I felt, perhaps it was the hopelessness I felt, I am not sure.  I just feel I must share it.  So even though it goes against my better judgement to do so, I will share it with you.


In my dream, I dreamt I was Drummer Lee Rigby,

I was walking away from my barracks, in the middle of the capital of my beautiful country.  I was happy, heading home to see my lovely bride and my wonderful child, then suddenly, out of nowhere, I was hit in the back with a car, I went down, my mind thinking that I had been a victim of some horrible accident.  Oddly fear did not overcome me, I ‘knew’ that people would be coming soon to help me, I was going to be OK.

I see a man approaching,

a member of the religion of peace,

I am saved,


he will aid me,

he will stop the bleeding,

he will bind my wounds,

he will sooth my fears.


He grabs me,

he slices my throat,

he tries to cut off my head,

I feel my life slipping away…

my last thoughts are of my

beautiful wife and child,

my wonderful country.

My last words…

God Save the Queen.
As My spirit leaves this mortal coil,

I wonder who will remember me,

who will ensure no one has to suffer as I did,

I beg, Please Don’t Let Anyone Else Die in Fear and Agony,





If my dream makes your heart hurt, I am sorry, but sometimes things do that, while my heart hurts for the atrocities committed against this young man,

I have no doubt that the hurt I feel pales in comparison to the pain that his wife feels,

knowing that her soul-mate will never come home again,

pales in comparison to his child who will never see his father,

pales in comparison to his parents who will never see their son again,

pale in comparison to his mates who will never lift a beer with their comrade.


I wonder what has Her Majesties Government done to ensure that this never happens again.

I wonder what the Government here in America has done to ensure that it won’t happen here in America.

I wonder what every Government, everywhere has done?


My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of veteran of Afghanistan, Drummer Lee Rigby.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of veteran of Afghanistan, Drummer Lee Rigby.




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