No Kidding: Common Core Will Give Credit for 3 X 4 = 11

So it is better to be a good Bull Shitter than a good student? Absolutely Brilliant, because we don’t have enough low life, oxygen wasting, parasites, I mean politicians.

The Rio Norte Line

Social Engineering: Creating A Ruling Elite While Undermining Society’s Ability To Think


 I want you to read the story and watch the video clip in this link:

4 x 3 = 11? Did School Official Really Say It Doesn’t Matter if Students Get Simple Math Wrong Under Common Core?

The truncated clip features August’s statement: “But even under the new Common Core if even if they said 3 x 4 was 11, if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer, really in words and oral explanations and they showed it in a picture but they just got the final number wrong? We’re more focusing on the how and the why.”

It gets worse, read the rest…

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