Tuesday Thoughts (20 Aug 13)


Here is today’s actual post, as opposed to a late post from yesterday…


I was going to let this one slide by, but this one got stuck in my paw like a thorn, so…


Don’t you just hate it when a celebrity starts losing their popularity so they decide to make some asinine statement about one current event or another, well last week, former Queen of the World, Oprah Winfrey made a statement about her experience with racism (poke me in the eye, I surely wish I could get upset because someone allegedly thought I could not afford a $35k purse, hell I can’t even afford a $35k car), she later stated that she did not want to make it a big deal….

So going to the media, and whining about an incident wasn’t going to make it a big deal?  NOOO never.  (cough BULLSHIT cough)

Oprah and entourage

Oprah and entourage

Well her latest desperate attempt to get some media coverage (btw her movie came out yesterday, I know SHOCKED FACE, right?) was comparing the Martin/Zimmerman incident with the Emmett Till atrocity.


If you don’t know what happened to young Emmett, go Zeekly it, read what happened, and you tell me, how on earth, any sane person would compare the two?


Emmett Till’s heart breaking torture and murder have far more in common with the rape, murder, and torture of Channon Christian.  Yet I have not seen Oprah come out and talk about young Channon or her boyfriend Christopher Newsom.


Well Oprah, good job in showing your ignorance and hate, and congratulations on joining the idiots who are officially boycotted here on Daks Bays.


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