Thursday Thoughts (22 Aug 13)

Just a few thoughts running about the old noggin today.

I was playing Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III, the predecessor to Oblivion and Skyrim), now I’ve played this game several times, and actually played it on and off since it came out, and boy did I miss a ton of things.  I’m right now, trying to play it fully though, including the 2 DLCs.  Pretty enjoyable so far.

I probably won’t write a Friday Freakout tomorrow, since I’m just not feeling overly irritated about anything new, today, but who knows.  Maybe a new Friday theme would be a nice change of pace, something like Friday (Animal) Friends, or just some music, idk.

On a more upsetting note, Did you hear that the Assad Regime possibly used chemical weapons (likely sarin, a nerve agent) in Syria.  Pretty nasty stuff.  Didn’t the President say something about a red line?  It will get worse there before it gets better, and I don’t think US or UK troops need to be there at all.  Let the UN (minus US/UK troops) take care of it, they like telling everyone how to run shit.

Here is some further reading:  [Link] [Link] [Link]


I apologize for ending this post on a bitter note, but sometimes it is good to remember that bad things are happening.


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