Arizona: Largest food stamp fraud bust in state’s history

Food Stamp Fraud in general and in Arizona in particular is extremely common, albeit not this type, but it is quite ‘normal’ for a food stamp recipient to take their drug dealer or neighbor to the store and purchase food items on their EBT card for cash, and a rate of $2 or more in stamps for $1 in cash or drugs.

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Update September 1:  I just came across this handy information on how to report suspected food stamp fraud in your town!

When I saw the first reports around the country about this case that involved a SWAT team, I had to laugh because those reports all just said “three men with the same last name”—no photo, no name!   Now, I see the story got wider coverage and there was no hesitancy by the likes of the Daily Caller to name names.

By the way, the perps are a father and two sons with the last name ‘Sweiss’.  I looked around a little and see that they might be Jordanian.  In any case, their passports have been confiscated.

From the Daily Caller:

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne announced the state’s largest undercover food stamp fraud bust and the arrests of three individuals involved on Thursday.

K & S convenience store…

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