Sunday Contemplation (1 Sep 13)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation

For today’s Sunday Contemplation, I want to cover a couple of things, if I may…

First as I was reading up on the novel “The Bluest Eye”, I read a term I had not heard of before, now I can’t say I’m an expert on stupidity or racism, but I have never heard the term ‘High Yellow’ before.  In case you don’t know what it means, it is an archaic term meaning a person of African descent who has a high proportion of European ancestry.  If that is confusing, well, I really don’t know what to tell you, because I’m confused too.  So there is a new term, I personally doubt if that term, High Yellow, has any use, but there it is, odd as it seems to me.  Anyway there is some sort of hullabaloo about the novel “The Bluest Eye“, by Toni Morrison (who seems to have an unhealthy fetish with incest, Just Saying, check out her other novels and you will know what I mean, while Ms. Morrison is no doubt entertaining and talented I am dubious of the value her works have in regards to teaching young adults.)

For some reason I feel the strong urge to scrub, anyway, allow me to continue….


Charles David Endiger wrote an article over on The Rio Norte Line, if you don’t know The Rio Norte Line, you need to head over there and familiarize yourself with the good guys and gals.  Some of the best writers on the internet hang out there.  Mr. Endiger seems to be a decent chap with some damn good information to share, and he doesn’t seem to harbor some of the intellectual flaws that most academics have, so check out his work, hopefully he will share more of his vast experiences with us, so we can all have some more insight to the demented world of academia. (no offense, bro)


For those of you who are religious, I feel I must apologize for some of my recent posts that have been less than respectful of religion.  If I have insulted you, I am sorry, I meant no disrespect.  for the most part I was trying to make a point, and sometimes I am less than nice.  If you fall in the category of feeling disrespected, I apologize, IF and WHEN I want to dog on you, YOU will know, because tact is totally NOT a strong point of mine, so if you are inadvertently insulted please accept my apologizes, as I did not mean to make you think I was insulting you, when I insult someone there will be NO DOUBT that I insulted you.  Just so you know.


As far as actually contemplating….I am not sure that the current situation is sustainable…I dare not suggest that a revolution is in order, as I dread the results, although I am not sure that the status-quo is sustainable.  I levy my hope with new politicians such as Ted Cruz, although I am dubious of his ability to fight through the tangled mess that is Washington D.C.  One must cling to what hope one has…


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