Tuesday Thoughts (3 Sep 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


I had an appointment at the VA Hospital today…now I’ll be honest, I hate going to the hospital, I hate doctors, I am to be honest not particularly fond of nurses, so I found the entire experience less than desirable, with that said…it wasn’t as bad as it could be…when I first got out of the army, the VA used to do this thing they referred to as ‘range of motion’ tests, and if you have never had one, they are the rough equivalent to torture, they bend and twist your joints until you are in agony, and then politely ask you if it hurts.  Yea, Happy Happy Joy Joy.  Now for the purpose of full disclosure the VA has NOT done that to me in years, yet I still have an unnatural fear of them doing it…so I am crazy nervous/anxious before all of my appointments.

I did met a very nice young (30-ish) young man, yea, not much younger than me, but still….He was rather upset about the whole possible strikes against Syria.  He told me, that he was totally against it, as he (and I wholeheartedly agree) we ‘Don’t have a dog in that fight’.

Beyond that…today was a pretty uneventful day, albeit I’m in agony now, and have to look forward to a very long night of pain, tomorrow will be better.


You remain, as always, in my thoughts and prayers,

Your Friend,



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