Thursday Thoughts (5 Sep 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


This is a few of my thoughts for today…


— While I sympathize with the Syrian people, I am not sure why dying by chemical weapons is some how worse then dying by bullet or bomb.  No one cared last year, but now suddenly OMG we MUST do something.  Maybe it is the offer of paying for this military misadventure that is luring in the politicos?


— I am also not sure what lobbing a few dozen Tomahawk missiles at Assad regime targets are going to do, historically speaking….


tomahawks fired – incident

—- 288 – First Gulf War

—- 75 – in response to the Tanzania and Kenya (1998)

—- 218 – NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Kosovo War)

—- 50 – War in Afghanistan (Oct 2001)

—- 725 – War in Iraq (Mar 2003)

—- 124 – War in Libya (Mar 2011)

Currently the US has 3,500 tomahawk missiles.  I would expect no less then 100 and no more than 250 missiles, with the total number depending on how big of a statement, President Obama wants to make to the Assad regime.  I’m guessing in the low end, of those numbers.  The actual BDA (Battle Damage Assessment, [the number of things like tanks actually destroyed] numbers vary widely…for another view of the ‘success’ of the Kosovo Air Campaign, go here…[Link]).  [Having done actual ground view BDA, I can unequivocally state that the Air Force’s BDA is always exaggerated.]

Tomahawk in flight

Tomahawk in flight


— Does anybody else think of John Kerry’s past when he was testifying about Syria?

John Kerry, then against US Troops and war

John Kerry, then against US Troops and war


John Kerry, Now, For US Troops and war?

John Kerry, Now, For US Troops and war?


…What a change a few decades can make, and several million of his wife’s dollars.



  1. I agree completely. Every time I see Kerry’s face I see the betrayal of the principles he stood for that brought him to prominence so many years ago….


    1. I think the only principle, that John Kerry cares about are his principal investments, and that this has always been the case.

      (I know lame joke/word play, but I couldn’t resist 😀 and besides it is still true)


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